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Utilize all the benefits of mobile devices:

Labhandy 1
Easily record and submit data through a convenient protocol
labhandy 2
Manage stocks by scanning and updating actions in real time
Labhanday 3
Upload scanned handwritten tables to your account

Why Labhandy?

Labhandy app

Easily display protocols on your mobile phone, record data into your experiment, manage stocks, and update accordingly by simply scanning. Labhandy is a flexible solution that goes with you wherever you are. 


Quickly scan handwritten tables and automatically upload them to Labguru, giving you more time to focus on other tasks. 


Labhandy integrates with your workflow and procedures, allowing you to record and update data without any interruptions.

Cost- Efficiency

Save time and money by eliminating the need for manual data entry. Allocate those resources to further your research.


Streamline the process of completing an action by requiring fewer clicks and less effort. Labhandy is a user-friendly interface with an intuitive design.


All data is securely stored in your Labguru account, ensuring that your data is always kept safe and secure.

Labhandy at Your Service


Labhandy accompanies you to the bench or the hood

  • Designed for streamlining and simplifying repetitive tasks or activities in remote or hard-to-reach locations

  • Pre-made protocols serve as templates for these tasks

  • Allows for easy start of experiment recording in real-time and data sent straight to your account

  • Saves time and ensures consistent, well-organized experiments


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Do Science on Your Mobile Device

Step away from the lab computer without sacrificing accuracy by:

  1. Displaying protocols on phones and tablets.
  2. Recording data directly into Labguru wherever you are.

Display protocols on mobile devices. Save the time wasted transcribing protocols and information, and avoid losing or altering data. Boost accuracy and eliminate experiment repetition. 

Manage Stocks Easily

Manage your samples and stocks from any location using your mobile device

  • Streamline your stock management process.
  • Manage stocks and samples in a laboratory, manufacturing floor, or greenhouse. 
  • Easily update and track stocks on the go with the use of mobile devices.
  1. Scan one or more stocks with Labhandy
  2. Access a list of all scanned items
  3. Record actions such as:
    1. Updating consumption
    2. Changing storage locations
    3. Duplicating stocks
    4. Inputting new owners
labhandy - Mange stock and samples, List of scanned stock

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